Informing attendance choices for urgent care

The information is available based on your
GPS location or the postcode you type in.

Currently, NHSquicker covers information for people living, working or visiting
Devon and Cornwall. The vision is to expand the footprint of NHSquicker
across NHS England.

  • Finds your current location through GPS
  • Five urgent care centres/minor injury units, including one Emergency Department (ED), shown based on your GPS location/postcode
  • Sorted based on travel time + wait time
  • Links to organisation website and further information
  • Urgent care centres that are closed (when the app is invoked) not included in the list of five centres
  • Features

    Where to go

    There are many services where you can go to if you have an urgent care problem. If you use the 'Find Local Services' option, NHSquicker will list the most frequently used services. This includes minor injury units, dentists, sexual health clinics and pharmacies. The data comes from the Directory of Services (DOS), which is maintained by the NHS. The information is available based on your GPS location or the postcode that you have entered.

    When to go

    You can check the live wait times and decide when to visit an urgent care facility. The urgent care facilities are displayed in both the list view and the map view. The list view provides further details like opening times, facilities available and links to Google Map.

    The list will always provide the nearest five locations, ordered based on wait time and travel time. Thus, the centres appearing first are not necessarily the ones closest to you. The travel time is based on the mode of transport selected - this can be driving, public transport or walking. Only urgent care centres that are open at the time the app is invoked will be shown. At least one Emergency Department (ED) will always appear in the list irrespective of geographical distance. These are live wait times so the wait time and the number of people waiting may have changed by the time you arrive.

    Refresh waiting time
    Map view
    List view of waiting time
    2.1 miles Distance from currenty location
    Waiting time: 1 hour 47 mins Current longest waiting time to see a doctor/nurse
    Journey: 11 mins Current journey time based on your selected mode of transportation (using real-time traffic information)
    Patients in department: 37 Total number of patients in department (indicator of how busy department is)
    Patients waiting: 13 Current number of patients waiting to be seen
    + 1 hour 58 mins The total of journey time and current waiting time

    Whether to go

    Deciding whether to go can be difficult. The 'Find Conditions & Treatments' option aims to help you decide. The information is provided through NHS Choices. You can also ring 111 if you need advice with an urgent care problem and they will direct you to the most appropriate services. You can ring 999 in an emergency.

    How much does it cost?

    The app is free to download for your phone or tablet or alternatively you can access the web version at no cost from your PC.

    Can NHSquicker cover other counties?

    The NHSquicker app covers Devon and Cornwall. However, the platform supporting the app was designed to be scalable across NHS Trusts in England; it has already been integrated with several ED management systems. If you are an NHS organisation or an STP and are considering the use of real-time ED data and NHSquicker, please contact us by completing the form below. Alternatively, contact University of Exeter Business School or the Horizon Centre, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

    About us

    NHSquicker was designed by the Health & Care IMPACT Network, a collaboration between health and care organisations and universities, primarily in the South West of England.

    The purpose of the network is to improve delivery of health and care through applied research, knowledge dissemination and decision support. The IMPACT Network was founded through a collaboration between Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Exeter Business School.

    Our vision is to provide effective and trusted decision support to health and care organisations. We are looking to expand the network and if you are interested in joining, please contact us:

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    If you are interested in becoming part of NHSquicker do contact us. Also do feedback and let us know what you like about the app and what we can do to improve it further.

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